House Policies

Our House Policies:

The importance of stability, unity and a sober lifestyle is the basis of Miracle Terrace. Therefore, the following policies are strictly enforced.

Must live in harmony with all others in the house; creating a negative environment is not tolerated.

Must have a 12 Step Sponsor.

Must attend a minimum of three 12 Step meetings per week, no exceptions.

Must participate in assigned household chores.

Remain alcohol and drug free. No possession, use, consumption, sale or distribution of any mind altering or controlled substances on or about premises. This activity terminates residency immediately.

No violence or threats of violence will be tolerated and will terminate residency immediately.

All visitors must comply with all rules.

Residential fees are due on the 1st of each month. Departing residents are required to give 15 days notice in writing.

Participants must abide by all local, state and federal laws.

All areas are to be kept clean and orderly. Residents are responsible for personal as well as common areas.

Residents provide their own food and meals. Residents are responsible to clean up completely after any cooking or eating of food.

Must maintain obligations of residency agreement

Miracle Terrace is a proud member of the Sober Living Coalition.


Substance Abuse


Compulsive Behaviors


Chemical Dependence

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